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Partner Reece Walker
Writer Naomi Benton
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10 April 2018


The Directors

Bendon Group Holdings Limited

'Building 7C', 2 Huntley Street




Dear Sirs


Bendon Group Holdings Limited






1We have been asked to provide a legal opinion in respect to the issue by Bendon Group Holdings Limited (Holdco) of ordinary shares (Shares) in connection with the proposed business combination between Bendon Limited (Bendon), a company incorporated in New Zealand, and Naked Brand Group, Inc. (Naked), a publicly-traded corporation incorporated in Nevada, United States of America.


2The Shares will be issued to the:


(a)shareholders of Bendon in exchange for their shares in Bendon; and


(b)stockholders of Naked in exchange for their stock in Naked by way of a merger between Naked and Naked Merger Sub Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holdco, with Naked surviving as a wholly owned subsidiary of Holdco.


3The Shares will be issued under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (Securities Act) and pursuant to or as more fully described in the Registration Statement of Holdco to be filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), including a prospectus for the issue of the Shares, a draft of which we have reviewed for the purposes of preparing this advice (Registration Statement).




4Our opinion on the following matters is given subject to the exclusions, assumptions and qualifications set out in this opinion:


(a)(incorporation) Holdco is a corporation duly registered and validly existing under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act) and is capable of suing and being sued in its corporate name;





The Directors  
Bendon Group Holdings Limited


(b)(authorisations) Holdco has taken all necessary corporate action to authorise issue of the Shares as contemplated by the Registration Statement; and


(c)(Shares validly issued) upon their issue, the Shares will be validly allotted and issued, fully paid and non-assessable.


Exclusions, assumptions and qualifications


5This opinion is given only in respect to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia in force as at the date of this opinion (Relevant Jurisdiction).


6This opinion is given as at 10 April 2018.


7We express no opinion:


(a)as to the laws of any jurisdictions other than the laws of the Relevant Jurisdiction (Relevant Law);


(b)as to the implications of any pending or foreshadowed legislative amendment or proposal in the Relevant Jurisdiction;


(c)as to factual or commercial matters; or


(d)as to taxation, including the effect of any Relevant Laws relating to taxation (including, without limitation, the imposition or payment of any stamp duty in connection with the transactions contemplated in the Registration Statement).


8We have examined and relied on copies of the following documents:


(a)an undated draft of the Registration Statement (excluding exhibits);


(b)a draft resolution of the directors of Holdco authorising the issue of Shares to be made under the Registration Statement; and


(c)searches of the companies database maintained by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission as at 5 April 2018 (ASIC Searches).


9We have assumed without investigation:


(a)the authenticity of all signatures, seals and stamps;


(b)that any document recording the authorisation of the transactions contemplated by the Registration Statement, including the issue of the Shares, is a true, complete and accurate record of an authorisation which is valid in all respects;


(c)that all authorisations, approvals or licences required under any law (including any Relevant Law) for any party (other than Holdco) to enter into or to perform any of its obligations under a transaction contemplated by the Registration Statement have been obtained, remain valid and subsisting and have been complied with;


(i)that no law or official directive of any jurisdiction, other than a Relevant Jurisdiction, affects any of the opinions expressed;


(ii)that the implementation of the transactions or contemplated by the Registration Statement will not involve an illegal purpose under any law, including any Relevant Law;





The Directors  
Bendon Group Holdings Limited


(iii)a person who appears, from the information set out in the ASIC Searches, to be a director or secretary of each of Holdco has been duly appointed and has authority to exercise the powers and perform the duties customarily exercised or performed by a director or secretary of a similar company to Holdco;


(iv)a person who appears, from the information set out in the ASIC Searches, to be a director of each of Holdco has properly performed their duties to Holdco, including the exercise of their powers in good faith in the best interests of Holdco and for a proper purpose; and


(v)that the Registration Statement has not been amended in any material respect to the draft provided to us and that it was duly filed with the SEC.


10This opinion is to be construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia.


Yours sincerely




Reece Walker